Revision of Work Health and Safety Regulations (2022) in Tasmania

The TAVRP are pleased to see the revision this week of Work Health and Safety Regulations (2022) in Tasmania.  The Regulations now specifically mention psychosocial hazards and the requirement that PCBUs manage this risk, just as other hazards in the workplace are managed (in line with ISO45003).

As rehabilitation providers in workplaces, we are very much aware of the contribution of psychosocial hazards to physical and psychological injury. The Regulations put psychosocial hazards in a safety context for employers, workers, unions and service providers and bring Tasmania into line with other safety jurisdictions. 

Regulators across the country have been supporting workplaces, large and small, to implement psychosocial risk management with learning, development, useful tools and guidance.

We look forward to the relevant Code of Practice for Tasmanian workplaces, that is expected in 2023. 

You can read the Regulations here and read WorkSafe Tasmania’s announcement here

December 12, 2022

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